Who am I?


Name: Gunnar Samuelsson

Family: Married to Linda, and having the children, Rebecca, Hannah, Daniel, Esther and Johannes with her.

Born: 1966 September 23

Home: Hönö, Sweden

Expertise: New Testament, New Testament Greek, The History of the Ancient Mediterranean World

Hobbies: Photography and Taekwon-Do

Ordained Minister: 1997

Congregation: The Mission Covenant Church of Sweden

Pastoral Education: 1992

B.A.: 1997

M.Th.: 1997

M.A.: 2000

Th.D.: 2010

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I was born and raised on Hönö, an island in the northern archipelago of Gothenburg, married with Linda since 1992, with whom I have five children (Rebecca b. 1995, Hannah b. 1999, and the triplets Daniel, Esther and Johannes born 2008). I have regularly been lecturing in Bible colleges and preaching in churches since 1987, and have been a parish minster for eight years. Before my doctoral studies began my main topics were the History of the Ancient Mediterranean World and the Old Testament.

Having received my Pastor and Missionary Degree in 1992, I went to the University of Gothenburg and the Department of Religious Science with Old Testament Studies in focus. I received a B.A. with Systematic Theology as main topic and a M.Th. in 1997. After that followed more Biblical Studies, now the New Testament, combined with Classical Greek and Latin at the Department of Classical Philology. I received an M.A. in 2000 with New Testament and Classical Languages as main topic. From 2001 until 2007 I was a Th.D. Student and taught New Testament Greek and New Testament. Since 2007 I still teach New Testament Greek and New Testament at what has now become the Department of Literature, History of Ideas and Religion. I defended my doctoral thesis Crucifixion in Antiquity on May 21 in 2010.

I am presently head of New Testament Studies at the University of Gothenburg. When it comes to research, I am writing an anthology about crucifixion together with Prof. Shimon Gibson and Prof. Israel Hershkovitz.